Prints for Sale by: 
Susan Brooks
Originals for Sale
(currently available, call to confirm)
Prices vary...  Prints Available

Diamond Head Abstract 8x10 watercolor $150

Reflections watercolor 8x10 $150

Koi 11x14 watercolor $200

Jellyfish 20x24 Acrylic $800

Bright Orchid oil painting 20x24 $1000 framed

Cloud Sail 11x14 oil painting $350

Fall Leaves watercolor 20x28 $1000

Bright Sunset 22x28 watercolor $1000

Mango 8x10 Acrylic $200

Bright Yellow Hibiscus 11x14 Acrylic $350

Abstract Banana Leaves 20x22 watercolor $1000

Peachy Anthereums 20x28 watercolor $1000

Flower Power! 20x28 watercolor $1000

White ButterFly Fish 11x14 Acrylic $400

White Orchid 22x24 Acrylic $1000

Croton Dance 22x24 Oil Painting $800

Diamond Head Sunset & Wave 8x10 watercolor $350

Mother & Calf 8x10 $300

Lava Flow 22x28 $1200 ($2000 with Koa Frame)

Pineapple 8x12 watercolor $200

Wave Flow 20x22 Acrylic $1500 with Koa Frame

Dawn Clouds 16x20 Oil Painting $500

Pink Orchid 20x28 watercolor $1000

Marble Wave $200

Diamond Head Sunset 9x12 watercolor $400

Swaying Palm 11x14 Acrylic $400

Space Nebula 30x40 $1200

Joy 30x40 $3000

Rainbow Wave 8x10 watercolor $200

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